Shem Creek fourth in Lowcountry Tales series


Linda Breland is the single parent of two teenage daughters. The oldest, Lindsey, is just about to leave for college; and Gracie, her youngest, is giving her nightmares. Between the cold New York winters, Linda's dating drought, financial problems and an ex-husband who has married a beautiful, successful woman ten years younger than she is, Linda has reached the end of her tether even before she discovers birth control pills in Gracie's school bag. So when she is offered the chance to move back home to her home town, Linda grabs it. She is welcomed by her generous sister Mimi, who dispenses good advice along with an endless supply of cookies, cake and lessons in how to be a lady. Meanwhile, Linda, despite her lack of experience, convinces local restaurateur, Brad Jackson, to give her a job managing the Shem Creek Cafe. Ignoring Gracie's protests at her enforced uprooting, Linda begins to hope that the Deep South and Mimi's good influence will work their magic on her rebellious daughter. And that maybe she too can find a better life, one in which she won't be rushing around fulfilling everyone's needs but her own.